Boarding Contract

1. The undersigned OWNER covenants he/she is the owner of the HORSE free from any encumbrances and has full right and authority to enter into this contract.

2. Bills will be sent on or around the first of each month. The OWNER shall promptly pay WYNOAKS FARM, LLC Boarding charges and any other charges relating thereto for the HORSE.

3. All bills must be paid within thirty days of the billing date. Payment received after 30 days will be considered late. Bills not paid within thirty days will incur a late fee. The late fee will be 2.0% per month of the amount owed.

4. All OWNERS not paid within 30 days will receive late notice at the time of the next billing. If the bill is not paid within 60 days WYNOAKS FARM, LLC will send written notification by certified mail that WYNOAKS FARM, LLC intends to collect the amount owed through legal channels. The OWNER has 30 days to make total payment or a legal action will be pursued.

5. All fees (including boarding, foaling, blacksmith and/or veterinarian fees) must be paid in full to WYNOAKS FARM, LLC before the HORSE is released to the OWNER. The OWNER shall notify WYNOAKS FARM, LLC of the HORSE’S planned departure date. If this does not occur, WYNOAKS FARM, LLC cannot guarantee that the bill will be completed by the time of departure and thus cannot guarantee that the HORSE will be released on the scheduled departure date. WYNOAKS  FARM, LLC has first lien on the HORSE and absolute right and authority to repossess the HORSE, or at WYNOAKS FARM, LLC option, to sell such animal and apply such sale moneys to the payment of any amount owed by the OWNER to WYNOAKS FARM. All remaining unpaid fees become a lien against the OWNER.

6. In ALL actions, the OWNER is responsible for all attorneys and/or collection offices fees incurred by WYNOAKS FARM, LLC in the collection of said delinquent accounts.

7. If the boarded HORSE is insured, OWNER shall notify WYNOAKS FARM, LLC in writing prior to the HORSE’S arrival.

8. WYNOAKS FARM, LLC may refuse to accept or immediately remove any horse determined by WYNOAKS FARM, LLC to be dangerous to life and property.

9. The OWNER hereby indemnifies and saves harmless WYNOAKS FARM, LLC and the Farm’s owners, directors, officers, agents and employees and each of them harmless from costs, expenses, damages, claims, demands and actions whatsoever arising from or in regard to the boarding of the HORSE and any foal thereof, and the parties agree that this clause shall survive the termination of this contract.